"The Fall"

East Van Opera Brings New Production to Victoria Stage

Blending a classical music tradition with contemporary artists is a unique approach for any production. Throw in some original poetry and a group of composers and you’ve got the makings of an East Van Opera original.

Louise Alepin Interviews Maria Eduarda Martins

Alma Articles

East Van Opera's Alma Gives Classical Form a New Glow

Musician, composer, and singer Allison Cociani’s apartment, a laneway house off of Commercial Drive, is just about bursting at the seams. Piles of costumes, music stands, instruments, and assorted footwear are spread out across a skateboard ramp that takes up most of the floor...

With New Opera, East Vancouver Proves It's About More Than Just Craft Beer

A brand new, modern opera made in East Vancouver is opening next Thursday, June 22.

Written by local composer Allison Cociani, Alma: The Story of the Girl Who Glowed is a fusion of opera, ballet, and burlesque. Cociani put together a company, East Van Opera, specifically to present the work, which features five singers, five dances and 12 musicians....

I Began The Opera and Never Looked Back

MARCO POLO Ciao! Could you please introduce yourself?
Allison CocianI My name is Allison Cociani and I am an Italian Canadian....

Interview With Stephen Quinn

CBC Radio - June 22 2017 - The Early Edition

Early Edition Interview (mp3)