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East Van Opera is dedicated exclusively to the creation of new music. Why East Van? Because we believe in staying true to our roots, and embracing the qualities of our community: diversity, hard work and acceptance. We whole heartedly support elevating women in the arts. It is our dream to encourage young performers to step out of their comfort zone and join us in our mission to be strong and creative forces in the world of music.

Current Projects


The theme of the poetry competition was, “The Fall”. It was a theme that could take on many meanings, and inspire a very unique collaboration between poets, composers and musicians. 

The poems were chosen and the music was then found and pulled from the meaning of the text. The singers and pianists are interpreting and preparing a beautiful concert to showcase the results of“The Fall”.

Featuring sopranos Anna Shill, Allison Cociani, and Jessica Wagner, and baritone Nathan McDonald, with tenor Taylor Fawcett and pianist Braden Young.

With new works by Justin Boechler, Allison Cociani, Ian Dives, Natalie Dzbik, Chris Feige, Ryan Hemphill, Maria Eduarda Martins. 

Poetry by, Taviana Chichak, Morgan Johnson, Tim Lowan, Barbara Black, Alisa Gordaneer and Vikki Flawith.


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Upcoming Concert


An example of some of the music created for this special concert...

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We invite you to watch our video of the 2017 production of "Alma".

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