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East Van Opera is dedicated exclusively to the creation of new music. Why East Van? Because we believe in staying true to our roots, and embracing the qualities of our community: diversity, hard work and acceptance. We whole heartedly support elevating women in the arts. It is our dream to encourage young performers to step out of their comfort zone and join us in our mission to be strong and creative forces in the world of music.

Current Project

 A young female student recently commented upon learning that a Canadian woman had written an opera, "Oh, I didn't know women wrote opera. It's always a man's name on my music."

It is our responsibility as artists to change this perception and encourage the promotion of women in music. This is a concert that celebrates and honours this idea; Canadian women have been, and still are, fiercely talented composers!

We have invited local and upcoming composers Kim Farris-Manning and Lynne Penhale to collaborate with us. They have created new works that will be performed by sopranos Amy Steggles, Jessica Wagner and Allison Cociani.

Allison Cociani, a Vancouver artist, has revised and revived her French and Italian art song cycles, to be performed by soprano Anna Shill and Baritone Louis Dillon with Braden Young as our pianist.

Come and explore the beautiful variety of sounds and expressions from the minds of our pioneers in Canadian composition: Jean Coulthard, Barbara Pentland, Jean Ethridge, Linda Smith and Leslie Uyeda.

This concert will be inspirational and interesting, beautiful and unforgettable. We would love for you to join us in an evening of brilliant music and performance.


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We invite you to watch our video of the 2017 production of "Alma".

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